About Us

Little Spartan Logo- student dressed as a spartan with metal helmet

Our Mission

Provide comprehensive and high quality education in an inclusive social setting by professional, competent, and compassionate staff.  Promote the growth and development of children and families while improving their quality of life in an ever changing society.

Program Options

Head Start

  • 3-5 year old children

  • must meet eligibility requirements

  • Monday-Thursday 1/2 day OR Monday-Friday full day (4-5 year old children only)

Title One Preschool

  • 4-5 year old children, Monday-Friday 1/2 day

Developmental Preschool

  • 3-5 year old children with specific needs,

  • 3 year old typically developing children, Monday-Friday 1/2 day


AM Session: 8:00-11:30a.m.

PM Session: 11:30-3:00p.m.

Full Day: 8:00-3:00p.m.